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Cece was setup in 2021 as a platform for to inspire real people to share their culture and demonstrate what makes a place and its people unique and interesting. Cece created a stage for creators. A stream where creators can display their talents - teach, entertain, grow and find expression, acceptance, and acclaim for the creator in them. We created a stream for them, to flow with, uninhibited.​

Cece presents a unique corporate wellness program! Improve your employee engagement levels with a platform that is dedicated to bringing authentic virtual experiences to your employees.





Virtual Conference

Virtual Experiences

We have been cooped indoors for so long and covid variants have blurred the ways people work and live. Instead of whiling away your day with online shopping or yet another television series or movie, why not head on over to Stream on Cece. Cece will engage you in an unforgettable experience for your team today with a wide variety of exciting virtual activities, hosted by passionate Hosts.



These virtual interactions are live and will connect experiences to your people around anywhere in the world. Tasting Wine, Fermenting Batter, Draping Saree, Classical dance, Painting, Cocktail lessons, and walking the Mahals – Each Stream has a unique offering, with a wide variety of events for you to engage in from home decor to the latest trends.


Discover and experience a virtual world with CECE. These one-of-a-kind live interactive experiences are ideal for a weekend of family bonding, team bonding, or a virtual hangout with your colleagues. Explore how our online experiences can bring your teams together, wherever they are. Gift experiences that Inspire Creativity, Refresh, and Recharge from the mundane work routine.


Creator Economy

The creator economy is an era-defining online ecosystem and community where content creators can monetise their expertise by curating unique content. In the era of the virtual world, the creator economy has reached a global standpoint due to the access to the internet across the globe.


Creator economy has gotten people closer, thanks to the internet! We have now broken linguistic barriers, geographical boundaries, and even age, gender stereotypes by making it possible to reach out to the maximum number of people in one go.


Virtual Experiences

  • Plethora of Experiences

  • Curated Experiences for Corporates

  • Multiple Genres/Categories

  • Likable Hosts

Supplements Corporate Programs

  • Strong Alternative to traditional programs.

  • Giftability - Easy distribution to employees.

  • Backend Support.

  • Flexible Solutions.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Unique Workshops

  • Passionate Hosts

  • Stable platform

  • Backend support for corporates

Employee Benefits

  • Activities for Lifestyle & Entertainment (Stress-Buster)

  • Immersive Experiences

  • Encourage Family Participation

  • Team Building Activities

50 Million Content Creators













Corporate Welfare Programmes

Why Choose Cece?

From virtual hours and onboarding a new employee, to birthday celebrations and shareholder meetings – nearly no occasion has been overlooked in their virtual transformation.


Virtual platforms have transformed the future of how we network, interact and connect regardless of time and place. Virtual experiences have broadly replaced in-person events. It is visible that people around the world are rapidly looking for richer experiences on virtual presence.

If you invest in your employees’ fulfillment, you get a better output of work from them.
Temitope Ibisanmi

We specialize in mapping the,

Creator Ecosystem

Corporate Landscape

Laptop Screen Cafe


Book a private online session with expert Indian hosts from cooking to culture, art to Ayurveda, entertainment, well-being Now! Another day stuck with your laptop/ gadget on client call? Are you thinking of ideas for things to do with your team?


Here are a few CECE Experiences for fun and wholesome engaging activities:


Sharan Kuttappa
● Akanksha Sinha
● Sandhy Majji
● Siddharth Barera
● Nishtha Joshi

Explore Online Virtual Experiences for your Corporate Wellness Program.

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